The Blue Room Experience

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Situated on the Western coast of Curaçao, a short boat ride away from Playa Santa Cruz, the Blue Room is a must-see attraction for divers, snorkelers, and those who enjoy going off the beaten path. 

Here’s what other people have said about the Blue Room:

“Natural sunlight passes through the cave and shines through the water, creating a surreal phosphorescent blue reflection that illuminates the whole cave” – Carolina Gomes Casseres, 1000 Awesome Things About Curaçao

“One of Curacao’s most famous snorkeling spots, this experience is known to exceed expectations. Originally known as Boca Fluit (Flute Bay) the Blue Room was given this name because of the whistling sounds that it emits as the water splashes against the rocks.” – Mayrond van Lamoen,