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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Captain Goodlife?

Captain Goodlife is a long-time resident of Santa Cruz Beach in Curaçao. He settled into his beach house over a decade ago and turned it into a must-see tourism attraction. The Captain has dedicated his life to promoting the island’s natural beauty with his famous boat tour. The Blue Room cave, Mushroom Forest and Black Sand Beach are a ten minute boat ride away. You can catch the tour every week day by showing up at the right moment. What is the right moment, you ask? That changes day by day.

How do you make a reservation for the boat trip?

The Captain does not take reservations, but sometimes he picks up the phone when you call him at +5999 8640438.

Okay. How much does the boat trip cost?

$22 per person, no exceptions.

What is the duration of the trip?

Approximately 90 minutes.

What sights do you visit?

The Black Sand Beach, The Blue Room Cave, Lovers Beach and for divers also The Mushroom Forest.