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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Captain Goodlife?

Henry ‘Juni’ Obersi, better known as Captain Goodlife, is a long-time resident of Santa Cruz Beach in Curaçao. He settled into his family’s beach house over a decade ago and converted it into an unforgettable tourist attraction. The Captain has dedicated his life to promoting the area’s natural beauty with his famous boat tour. Join him for a trip to the Blue Room cave, Mushroom Forest and Black Sand Beach. Some visitors come for sightseeing, others join for his personality – whatever the reason, your trip will be a memorable one. The boat tour runs twice a day, or rent a kayak to go at your own pace.


Can you reserve a boat trip?

We don’t take reservations, but you can call us at +5999 8640438 to confirm availability.

Okay. How much does the boat trip cost?

$22 per person.

What is the duration of the trip?

Approximately 90 minutes.

Which sights do you visit?

The Black Sand Beach, The Blue Room Cave, Captain Eric’s Shipwreck, Lovers Beach and The Mushroom Forest.

What else do you offer?

Thanks for asking. We serve the best seafood on the island. Don’t forget to try our Obersi fries and seafood dish!